Five-Step Process:

Step 1. We see if your building is a candidate. We focus on buildings with 3 to 60 units.  We entered the market in buildings that competitors couldn't provide a reasonable ROI. To prove our concept, we focused in markets with lower rents and lower cash flows.  There is a good possibility your building is a candidate for Thermora.

Step 2. We explain the timeline and steps to be taken in your particular building. We partner with you on selecting apartments and particular residents to start the process. We help you gain resident buy-in.

Step 3. We install sensors in some apartments to begin to understand the building. Based on a better understanding, we continue putting sensors in rooms with radiators.

Step 4. Our metrics of your building, under different weather conditions, will help identify where the problems are and how those problems can be resolved. Finding slightly open windows and problems with radiator air-vents are a few of the factors that need to be addressed.

Step 5. Our innovative technologies communicate with your existing Boiler Controls or Thermostat. That communication enables the boiler controls or thermostat to "delay or eliminate a call-for-heat". Our user-friendly web-dashboard makes it easy to monitor and allows settings to be changed including hourly target temperatures. The web-dashboard is accessible via any JavaScript browser so it works the same way on a phone, tablet or computer.

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